AG Mednet Launches Endpoint Adjudication Tech

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Judi helps sponsors and CROs manage clinical events from trigger to final adjudicationAG Mednet continues its drive to advance clinical trials with the launch of Judi, the first comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality. Judi helps sponsors and CROs manage clinical events from trigger to final adjudication in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device clinical trials. This groundbreaking product capitalizes on AG Mednet’s experience delivering software in support of zero-delay clinical trials. AG Mednet is a specialized, electronic data collection and submission service dedicated to increasing data quality and reducing queries in clinical trials.

“We built Judi to improve the endpoint adjudication process,” said Abraham Gutman, AG Mednet president and CEO. “This critical process in advancing clinical trials has long suffered from lack of automation and data quality challenges. Using Judi allows for cleaner project management, reduced queries and more expediency during endpoint adjudication, all while improving quality.”

Judi, an integrated SaaS tool, provides a level of flexibility that enables the implementation of the most complex endpoint and adverse event processes, translating into more easily managed projects, fewer queries, higher accountability and increased quality throughout. Judi serves four distinct stakeholders across the endpoint adjudication spectrum:

  • Investigator Sites

  • CROs

  • Adjudicators and Committees

  • Sponsors

From improved and automated workflows, to eCRF integration, electronic voting, dossier management and robust reporting, Judi eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings and streamlines the entire adjudication process. The introduction of Judi also adds these key features:

  • Deidentification: Anonymizing source documents to eliminate the presence of protected health information (PHI) is an integral part of every clinical trial. Judi provides an advanced facility to easily and securely redact all PHI from submitted source documents.

  • Document Splitting: With Judi, all documents are uploaded as a single PDF file and can then be split into multiple files.

  • Event Triggers and Preferred Term Workflows: Judi provides functionality to manage events beginning to end, while keeping track of origin as well as the full path followed through the process until final adjudication.

  • Duplicate Event Management: Judi’s advanced functionality reduces and eliminates multiple adjudication of duplicate events.

  • Event Gating and Linkage: Judi can be configured to hold any event type in any state based on specific adjudication workflow design requirements.

  • CDISC Control and Ad Hoc Dictionary Per Form Element: Judi has an internal, configurable dictionary so different representations can exist concurrently.

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About AG Mednet
AG Mednet is the leading quality compliance partner for image data submission and collection, as well as endpoint and adverse event adjudication workflows. The company is a proponent of zero-delay clinical trials. The company has supported more than 850 global imaging trials. Dozens of adjudication protocols are being managed by sponsors and CROs using Judi. More than 45,000 registered users across thousands of investigator sites in more than 80 countries use AG Mednet to submit more than 10,000,000 images per month and adjudicate hundreds of events in projects sponsored by each of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.