AmericsourceBergen Launches Industry Matching Network


New network enables community specialists to access the most innovative treatments opportunities, connects manufacturers to qualified patient populations for improved trial results

Valley Forge, PA – Today, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions and ION Solutions, both a part of AmerisourceBergen, announced the launch of AdvanceIQ Network, a resource designed to better match independent community oncology and urology practices with clinical trials and research opportunities. Through AdvanceIQ Network, these practices in the U.S. will have a more streamlined approach to identifying, qualifying for and enrolling in targeted clinical trials that offer groundbreaking treatment options for improved patient outcomes.

AdvanceIQ will be made available to more than 5,300 community specialty providers that are a part of ION Solutions and will help eliminate barriers that can prevent participation in clinical trials, including limited resources or time. Practices select the types of research in which they would like to participate, as well as provide access to de-identified patient information. Clinical trial developers can then leverage the AdvanceIQ Network to find practices treating patients who meet specific trial criteria. This offering not only enhances clinical trial matching and leverages new innovative trial recruitment solutions, but also increases patient access to the most advanced therapies and treatment strategies.

“The launch of AdvanceIQ Network addresses one of healthcare’s biggest challenges – access. As specialty care continues to grow, it’s critically important we create new pathways, through both innovation and partnerships, to connect patients to cutting-edge therapies found in clinical trials,” said Susan Weidner, Senior Vice President at IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions.

AdvanceIQ Network will help to facilitate clinical trials, investigator research, prospective patient registries, retrospective outcomes research studies and panel studies. Participating practices and their physicians will also receive contract management resources, ongoing research education and training and grant submission support.

“We are constantly striving to provide exceptional support for patients, as well as providers, in order to drive better outcomes and ultimately enhance care,” said Vicki Albrecht, PhD, Senior Vice President and General Manager at ION Solutions. “By leveraging our expertise and network to connect our urology and oncology providers to new trials, AdvanceIQ can truly make an impact in supporting broader access to innovative research in a community setting.”

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About AmerisourceBergen
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