Başkent University Joins Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System Platform

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Basel, August 2, 2017 – Başkent University’s hospital cluster is joining the Patient Recruitment System platform, giving their 4.5 M patients access to treatments and therapies offered by clinical research.

Başkent University has its headquarters in Ankara, Turkey. With over 1,500 beds, the university has hospitals in seven further locations throughout Turkey. There are six general hospitals, in Ankara, Adana, Alanya, İstanbul, Konya, and İzmir; and four specialist centers: the Ayaş Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, the Yapracık Psico-Social Rehabilitation Center, Umitkoy Polyclinic, and another eight geographically distributed dialysis centers.

With this move, Başkent University will gain the advantages of partnership with the Patient Recruitment System (PRS) platform: visibility to sponsors making trial siting decisions, increased speed and effectiveness in recruitment, increased efficiency in matching studies to the hospital’s own patient population. Sites can also make use of PRS, internally, for academic trials with the assurance of compliance to hospital-level data access permissions.

The addition of Başkent University extends Clinerion’s coverage, geographically, throughout Turkey. It also extends the PRS network’s treatment capabilities with the addition of specialist centers for physical and psychological rehabilitation, and dialysis.

“Başkent University is proud to be the premier private medical research institution in Turkey and we are happy that partnership with Clinerion will also allow us to increase participation in the international research and development of the next generation of medical treatments,” says Professor Haldun Müderrisoğlu, Dean of the Medical Faculty at Başkent University. “This will also allow us to offer more treatment options for our patients.”

“We are very happy to have the best private university hospital group in Turkey in PRS,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “We have been expanding around the world, but Başkent allows us to extend our presence throughout Turkey, giving us near-complete coverage of the country.”


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