Cenduit Adds Management Modules for its IRT


Advancements designed to improve efficiency and strengthen patient safety
Research Triangle Park, NC – Cenduit, a joint venture between Quintiles and Thermo Fisher Scientific, today announced the launch of new drug management modules for its industry-leading interactive response technology (IRT) system. The advancements are designed to enhance efficiency and drug accountability, while also boosting quality assurance and patient safety in clinical trials.

“Cenduit’s latest enhancements help streamline drug supply chain management so patients get their study medications at every visit and no site or depot has a stock-out issue,” said Kim Lanza-Russo, director of product management, Cenduit. “Providing the guidance sponsors need to build an advanced and automated IRT system, Cenduit’s platform offers the functionalities needed to utilize drug supply chain management as a strategic asset in the success of a clinical trial study.”

From drug relabeling to materials management, Cenduit’s newest web-based enhancements give clinical trial managers more insight and control over their IRT system – providing them with the ability to view and make adjustments in real-time to ensure a seamless study all around.

  • Relabeling – Cenduit’s new relabeling module helps drug supply managers effectively manage product expiry dates to reduce manufacturing and packaging costs. The system provides the capability to adjust drug expiry dates and coordinates approvals on a country-by-country basis. Depot and site staff are directly notified of the requests so they can quickly respond with necessary materials.

  • Replacement – Drugs sometimes need to be replaced during a clinical trial, especially if they have been damaged. Instead of requesting and initiating a replacement kit manually, which has been the traditional process, Cenduit’s replacement module significantly streamlines this system by providing the capability to manage drug replacements remotely. With this module, users can simply search available drug supplies, mark them for replacement and monitor their status online.

  • Blocking –  For patient safety and quality reasons, it sometimes becomes necessary to block or prevent drug materials from being dispensed to patients. Quality assurance managers have to send out notices to depots and sites where the affected drugs are located, which can be time-consuming and result in trial delays. Cenduit’s web-based blocking module provides a way to quickly find kits that need blocking and change the drug status within their IRT platform. This prevents any suspect drug materials from being dispensed to patients.

With Cenduit as an IRT partner, sponsors can rest easy knowing their entire clinical supply chain is optimized – from packaging and release through returns and destruction. Cenduit’s intelligent systems provide automated support for even the most complex depot and site resupply algorithms and easily handle vital factors such as expiry date management, on-demand supply needs, temperature excursion management and similar demands.

To learn more about Cenduit’s clinical drug supply chain management solutions, visit http://www.cenduit.com/trial-supply-management.

About Cenduit
Cenduit, a joint venture between Quintiles and Thermo Fisher Scientific, is the largest IRT specialist in the world with the expertise to empower sponsors for success by implementing a completely personalized system that puts them in control of their clinical trials. With the needs of investigator sites and patients top of mind, Cenduit offers clinical supply chain intelligence and clinical operations know-how through its IRT-driven services: patient randomization, patient reminders, drug supply management, and eClinical integration. Cenduit has offices in the US, UK, Switzerland, India, and Japan, and global clinical trial experience in more than 100 countries, interacting with more than 600,000 patients at more than 32,000 sites. For additional information, visit Cenduit online at www.cenduit.com; on Twitter @CenduitLLC or on LinkedIn.

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