Clinerion Continues Expansion of Patient Network Explorer in South America


Applied Clinical Trials

Clinerion’s Partnership with the company B-TRIALS will drive the expansion of Patient Network Explorer’s coverage in Chile, thereby bringing greater access to innovative treatments to patients in the country.

The Chilean company B-TRIALS will be responsible for the expansion of Clinerion in Chile. This will give patients in Chile better access to innovative medical treatments.

B-TRIALS, founded by pharmacists Pablo García and Ricardo Cuevas, offers a wide variety of services to the different stakeholders of clinical research, including multi-channel recruitment, clinical trial monitoring, clinical trial coordination, pharmacovigilance, quality control, regulatory affairs, data management, etc.

Patient Network Explorer supports patient health by matching patients to trials conducted by clinical trial sponsors or researchers performing academic investigations.

"The implementation of the Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform in hospitals and clinics, added to the quality of the specialist physicians in Chile, can lead the country to be a reference in clinical research and B-TRIALS will be the gear to make this happen," says Pablo Garcia, Commercial Director of B-TRIALS.

“Chile is characterized by being a benchmark in quality and having the highest rate of studies per inhabitants in Latin America, as well as being one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America according to the World Bank. Sufficient reasons for Clinerion to have a presence in this country and bring our digital technology to the benefit of patients here,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion.

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