Clinical Conductor CTMS and OpenClinica EDC Form First of its Kind Partnership


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Clinical Conducter CTMS and OpenClinica are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership

Clinical Conductor CTMS, the leading clinical trial management system, and OpenClinica, one of the world's most widely adopted electronic data capture (EDC) software platforms, are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership to deliver a seamless EDC-CTMS integration to drive productivity in clinical research. With this newly formed partnership, Clinical Conductor CTMS and OpenClinica are solidifying several years of informal collaboration and bringing exciting changes to the respective CTMS and EDC applications.

Beginning immediately, Clinical Conductor CTMS will begin offering the OpenClinica Enterprise Edition EDC as part of its product offerings for clinical research management. This integrated solution offers a seamless trial and data management experience. The integrated systems exchange critical information pertaining to patient details, study protocols, CRFs, and more. The result is faster study execution, more accurate trial management and streamlined clinical research operations.

“We have seen a significant shift in recent years in the complexity of clinical research and the amount of collaboration that needs to go on between researchers in order for a trial to be successful,” said Dan Kerpelman, CEO of Bio-Optronics, the maker of Clinical Conductor. “In order to meet the changing needs of the research marketplace, we sought out a partner who shared the same core values as us for helping researchers conduct the best possible research and improve operations. We found that partner in OpenClinica. The technology flexibility, years of experience, and track record of excellence in clinical research makes OpenClinica an ideal fit for Clinical Conductor CTMS and an exciting new offering for the clinical research industry as a whole.”

According to OpenClinica CEO, Cal Collins, “CTMS and EDC are two sides of the same coin. Having high-quality, real-time clinical data improves decision making and operational efficiency--you get higher quality clinical data faster when sites and sponsors are operationally on the same page. This joint solution will allow users to reduce redundancy, obtain direct access to high-quality data, and make decisions faster. The Clinical Conductor team’s deep domain experience and commitment to providing world-class customer support made partnering with them a clear choice.”
Clinical Conductor and OpenClinica represent the largest install bases in their respective categories of CTMS and EDC. “By utilizing both Clinical Conductor CTMS and OpenClinica, researchers benefit from two best-of-breed companies, providing an advantage over individual companies who try and do it all, but end up being not great in any category,” added Collins.
Additionally, current users of both the OpenClinica Community Edition and OpenClinica Enterprise Edition EDC will be able to benefit from the OpenClinica-Clinical Conductor CTMS integration.

“We are excited to be able to offer this integrated solution to both our institutional and non-institutional clients alike that are in need of a fully integrated system to help them manage not only their research administration, but now also the clinical data itself,” said Sergio Armani, Director of Business Development at Bio-Optronics. “While Clinical Conductor will continue to integrate with multiple different EDCs, many clients have been asking us for a complete, integrated solution. We are now able to deliver this.”

The partnership will also allow both companies’ engineering teams to work closely together to create even deeper levels of integration. As the partnership continues to expand and grow, additional exciting developments will be announced.

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