Clinical Conductor CTMS Redefines Clinical Research with First Ever Collaborative CTMS


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The new Clinical Conductor CTMS is here.

The new Clinical Conductor CTMS is here. The financial capabilities of Clinical Conductor have been strengthened in this release and aim to provide users enhanced levels of clarity and granularity of their trial finances, allowing them to maximize profitability and more easily ensure billing compliance.

Clinical Conductor provides research organizations with collaborative CTMS functionality that is now capable of bringing all research components and partners together in real time. Now, partners can connect directly with each other via partner portals or Clinical Conductor CTMS integration. These real-time connections allows partners to distribute study protocols, set budgets, assign payments, and much more to other parties involved in a single study. The collaborative qualities of Clinical Conductor are enhanced by the application’s new CTMS configurations. Now, sites, site networks, CROs and health systems will be fitted with a CTMS that contains the exact features and functionally required by their roles and responsibilities in clinical research.

“We are very proud to have been the first CTMS to provide the marketplace with the collaborative and financial functionality demanded by its users. This release further revolutionizes the way that’s done,” said Jeffrey Markin, VP and COO at Bio-Optronics. “For example, whether the user is deploying a protocol centrally to multiple clinical sites conducting the study or aggregating study events and associated financial details, the new Clinical Conductor is designed to provide them with the proper tools to successfully navigate the increasing complexities and regulations of the clinical research industry.”

The new Clinical Conductor has also been fitted with financial enhancements. These additions aim to give users the granularity they need to capture all possible revenues and improve their business processes over time. What’s more, this granularity will help organizations adhere to GCP guidelines and ensure accurate billing compliance is achieved. Specific additions have also been made that address the complexity of attributing payments and receivables to the proper sources in the complex clinical research and routine care environment. Now, organizations can ensure all procedures are being billed and no procedures are being billed incorrectly. The financial functionality found in Clinical Conductor continues to make it possible for users to achieve maximum profitability while simultaneously conducting the highest quality research possible.

Kimber Breeden, a Financial Consultant at Benchmark Research stated, “The new Clinical Conductor continues to provide additional features and functionality that make the application cleaner, more intuitive and even more adaptable to our needs. These additions make it easy for our organization to manage and execute the highest quality clinical research possible.”

Continuing to focus on customer service, the new Clinical Conductor contains many features that are derived directly from the feedback of Clinical Conductor users. These updates aid in increasing the application’s functionality and ease-of-use. The Clinical Conductor team takes pride in developing close relationships with Clinical Conductor users and utilizing these relationships to ensure the CTMS is always meeting the changing needs of users around the world.

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