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Applied Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-11-01-2011
Volume 20
Issue 11

Site per visit increases have been smaller in recent years.

Site per visit increases have been smaller in recent years. To a large extent this may be a function of the number of sites that are being opened in non-traditional, less expensive geographies. According to GrantPlan® and, a growing number of clinical studies are using sites in areas such as Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. In addition, the total number of new sites opened in the last 12 months around the world has been fairly constant. The recent relatively flat overall increased demand for sites, coupled with the continued shift of clinical trial work to less expensive geographies have combined to reduce the demand for clinical investigators. Consequently, sites around the world have less ability to command higher prices.

Mean cost per visit in Phase II-III clinical trials.

GrantPlan subscribers conduct nearly 80% of all commercial clinical trials around the world, with each company contributing the active grant agreements to the database. On a cost per visit basis, site costs have risen or stayed relatively flat in the various major geographies for conducting clinical trials. The United States continues to be the most expensive country in which to conduct clinical trials, followed by the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Just as importantly, the difference in per visit costs between the traditional and newer geographies continues to exist. Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe continue be lower priced areas for clinical grants.

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