Clinverse, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with Datatrak


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Clinverse, Inc. announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Datatrak

Clinverse, Inc., provider of the first end-to-end technology solution that automates the financial lifecycle of global clinical trials, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Datatrak, a leader in developing cloud-based, unified eClinical® technologies.

Clinverse’s ClinPay® solution automates sponsor payments to clinical vendors, investigators, and other parties throughout the entire financial lifecycle of a clinical trial. The Datatrak ONE® solution allows sponsors and CROs to obtain higher quality data faster with user-friendly and powerful tools.

By integrating existing clinical systems with ClinPay, sponsors and CROs can further streamline the payment process and reduce workload, time, and related costs. For example, Datatrak ’s uEDC™ can seamlessly integrate into ClinPay so that payments are triggered based on actual data entered into the EDC system. Clinverse’s open application programming interface (API) allows for integration with any existing systems. This combination optimizes cost savings by streamlining an inherently error-prone manual process and substantially reduces labor costs associated with the payment and accounting process for clinical vendors and investigative sites.

“Clinverse and Datatrak share common goals, focused on reducing complexity and costs typically associated with clinical trials,” said Laurence P. Birch, Datatrak Chairman of the Board and CEO. “Working together, Datatrak ONE and ClinPay seamlessly integrate, automating payments based on real-time data. Streamlining the payment process delivers enhanced data quality, trial safety, and efficiency for our partners, leveraging the most efficient financial tool on the market.”

“Datatrak is an ideal partner for our solutions,” said Jeff Rogers, Chief Commercial Officer of Clinverse. “The many benefits of ClinPay can be realized in a true real-time single database architecture, which Datatrak delivers. Our expertise in global currencies and trials reduces complexity and enhances efficiencies for all trial phases.”

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