Contract Research Organization WCCT Global Announces the Opening of a Newly Designated Asian Bridging Clinical Trials Unit

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New Asian Bridging Clinical Research Unit has been opened by Contract Research Organization WCCT Global

WCCT Global, a full service CRO headquartered in Southern California announced today the opening of a new Asian Bridging clinical research site. This state of the art facility has been reconfigured to provide for 30 semi-private rooms to give each clinical trial volunteer a more comfortable experience for extended in-house stays. This dedicated clinical pharmacology unit is located in Orange County, California which is a central location enabling access to the many Asian populations that reside in the surrounding communities. WCCT Global has been conducting Asian bridging clinical trials for over 10 years and has conducted the largest Asian bridging clinical trial ever done in the United States.  Over the past 5 years WCCT Global has conducted over 60 Asian Bridging studies and recruited over 1600 Asian volunteers during this 3-year period.  Interestingly, over 20% of those trials have required extended overnight confinement (> 4 days) to the research center.  Therefore, the availability of this "built-to-suit" extended stay facility will provide a more comfortable and attractive setting for research participants. WCCT Global reports that based upon volunteer exit survey results, safety and comfort are the 2 most important determinants for a volunteer's decision to participate in "extended stay" clinical trials. Therefore, WCCT Global has also designed this new facility to accommodate every aspect of a volunteer's research experience, from the meals they are provided to the utilization of their free-time in order to make the volunteers stay as enriched, safe and comfortable as possible.

WCCT Global's Chief Operating Officer, Jon Rojas, stated "We decided to reconfigure this research center in response to our study participants' survey responses.  I think that we have created an extended-stay research center that will provide the safe and comfortable environment that our Asian bridging study volunteers have expressed the desire for. We wanted a unit that can make our volunteers as comfortable as possible while offering our clients the best ethno-bridging solution available."