Copernicus Group IRB announces the release of CGIRB Connexus® 2.0


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Connexus, CGIRB’s award-winning e-document management system, is utilized by sponsors, CROs, and sites to manage every phase of the IRB review process. Connexus 2.0 aims to give a complete upgrade to the system’s look and feel, offering a cleaner, faster and more intuitive experience, while still giving users the ability to track submissions, access an electronic file cabinet of all IRB documents and receive instant notification when a submission is complete.

“When it was originally released, Connexus created a major shift in the IRB industry,” said Jennifer Sodrel, CGIRB’s Director, Information Management. “With Connexus 2.0, we’ve updated the look of the user interface, as well as reworking elements to make it simpler to use and moreintuitive. We took care to make sure users of the original Connexus will beable to transition to the new version very easily.”

New features in Connexus 2.0 include:

  • Cleaner inboxes for workspace managers.

  • Instant access to live chat with CGIRB support personnel

  • Links to CGIRB news on the Connexus login screen, for the latest information
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