COUCH Health Finds Reasons Behind Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minorities in US & UK Trials


COUCH Health has released new research exploring reasons behind the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in US & UK clinical trials. Also addressed are how clinical trial communication strategies can be improved to better engage people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

COUCH Health’s research findings suggest that participation from ethnic minorities continues to be low, even while COVID-19 has raised awareness of the importance of clinical trials among potential recruits and as the pharmaceutical industry has begun to tackle its diversity and inclusion problem. Many participants expressed their mistrust in so-called Big-Pharma, concern about being exploited and dehumanized, suspicion over the financial motives of the pharmaceutical industry, and disparities in the quality of care they might receive.

This research follows on from a study based in the United Kingdom, which found a similar reluctance from ethnic minorities to participate in clinical trials in the country. Both studies make several recommendations for better engaging potential recruits, including reaching out to community leaders, building tailored communication strategies per ethnic group, and providing complete information and transparency at every stage of the process.

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