CRO Analytics Seeks Participants for Industry's First Clinical Trial Quality System


Applied Clinical Trials

CRO Analytics announced that it is seeking sponsor and CRO partners to enroll in a limited Pilot to Production program

CRO Analytics, a provider of validated clinical trial performance data, announced that it is seeking sponsor and CRO partners to enroll in a limited Pilot to Production program of the biopharma industry’s first Clinical Trial Quality System (CTQS), Performer™.

Performer is a cloud-based software platform designed to improve clinical research by assessing clinical trial performance through a series of instruments developed over a two-year validation process. The online tools, which take less than five minutes to complete, measure the quality of more than 70 functional areas and professional skills involved in clinical trial delivery. The data is analyzed using a series of algorithms to deliver actionable insights through standard and custom reports to clinical trial teams, functional area leads, and executives.

Since completed assessment data is available immediately, Performer can be used to manage and respond to issues during trial, as well as provide performance analytics at the functional and corporate level. In addition, Performer enhances the value of existing operational and financial metrics by helping users’ better measure the quality associated with those numbers.

Pilot to Production seeks a limited number of sponsor and CRO partners to work over a six-month period with CRO Analytics to develop a deeper understanding of how Performer is used, adds value, and can be improved prior to its full launch next year. Dr. Michael Howley, co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of CRO Analytics and his team will meet with partners monthly to review the findings.

For the past two quarters, CRO Analytics has collaborated with Applied Clinical Trials to collect data for the first ever industry-wide outsourced clinical trial assessment.

Read the full release here.

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