CSDR Expands Access to Data from 3,460 Clinical Trials

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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com (CSDR), a cross-industry initiative providing researchers with access to clinical trial data from 13 major pharmaceutical companies, including trials that involve multiple sponsors, has increased the number of trials available to more than 3,460.

The available trials span all major disease areas. For example, there are over 360 diabetes and 240 asthma trials listed. Since the initiative was launched, there have been 335 requests from researchers for trial data.

CSDR offers medical and scientific researchers an array of clinical trial data to facilitate collaboration, advance scientific knowledge, and improve outcomes for patients. Through this portal, researchers can request anonymized patient-level data from the list of clinical trials via an independent process managed by the Wellcome Trust.

 “CSDR is proud to have reached these important milestones toward our goal of promoting scientific research by giving access to detailed, patient-level data. We are increasing the number of trials listed and making it easier to access the data. A further critical step this fall will be the unveiling of an enhanced web portal for researchers,” said Scott Martin, chair of the ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com Steering Committee.



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