Desert Oasis Healthcare, Altura Establish Research Center

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Altura’s Novel Study Engagement Platform to Help Create Optimized Clinical Study Ecosystem for Patients and Healthcare Providers
Mission Viejo, CA and Palm Springs, CA - Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC), a California-based Physician Group within the Heritage Provider Network, today announced the establishment of a Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation (DCRI). Created in collaboration with partner Altura, the DCRI is designed to build upon the long-standing clinical trial resources at DOHC. By implementing Altura’s Study Engagement Platform, DCRI will expand DOHC’s capabilities to support observational studies, healthcare technology assessments, and patient and healthcare provider (HCP) quality surveys. Importantly, DCRI will leverage Altura’s HCP Studies mobile/portal platform as a conduit to inform and encourage participation throughout the DOHC ecosystem of HCPs.

According to Marc Hoffing, M.D., medical director at DOHC, “With our base of more than 70,000 patients and 250 HCPs extending throughout the greater Palm Springs, California area, we have been able to successfully conduct Phase II-IV clinical trials, as well as NIH studies, for over 15 years. To date, DOHC clinical trials have enrolled more than 1,300 patients, reflecting the broad diversity in our community, in various therapeutic areas. This collaboration with Altura will help support our expansion into a broader range of health studies.”

“After 15 years, DOHC continues to be an ideal partner for Altura as they have consistently been a leader in patient-centric care and early technology adoption, including use of EMRs and disease management programs,” said Pete Fronte, president/CEO of Altura. “Our Study Engagement Platform aligns well with this focus and will help DOHC realize its vision of expanding study availability to all its patients and HCPs. HCP Studies provides instant access to clinical studies, as well as the transparency HCPs desire, while their patients either seek or progress through the clinical study process.”

Altura’s HCP Studies is a user-friendly communication and processing app/portal platform that aims to simplify efforts to identify and access available clinical studies for HCPs. The current lack of such a platform within the clinical study industry adds an unnecessary layer of difficulty for engaging HCPs and patients in the clinical trial process. By offering the transparency and access to information that HCPs desire, HCP Studies is designed to address the chronic issue of suboptimal clinical study enrollment.

“There is so much more to be studied, in addition to conducting investigational drug trials,” said Brian Hodgkins, PharmD, executive vice president of clinical operations at DOHC. “While trials will always be important, we are excited to be able to open up a world of additional observational study opportunities to our HCPs and patients throughout our ecosystem. DCRI and Altura’s tools make it possible to harness our large patient and HCP population. For example, we have over 9,000 diabetics that we continuously seek to provide optimal care for and clinical studies have always been a vehicle to assess new medications and interventions.”

DCRI is committed to the acceleration of leading edge healthcare innovation through the study of new treatment methods, medications and educational programs which promote and improve good health. Our mission is to engage patients as study volunteers, partner with physicians to promote medical advances and collaborate with study sponsors and innovators who are developing new treatments and technology. Since 2001 DCRI has participated in over 170 clinical trials involving many of the treatments and medical innovations introduced over the last decade. For more information on DCRI, please visit

DCRI is part of Desert Oasis Healthcare Medical Group (DOHC). DOHC is a Heritage Provider Network affiliated medical group, which has served the medical needs of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas since 1981. For more information on DOHC, please visit

About Altura
Altura expands participation in health-related studies (e.g. clinical trials, outcome studies) by involving more patients, healthcare providers (HCPs) and healthcare organizations. Altura’s Study Engagement Platform is a proven, HIPAA-compliant and comprehensive method for engaging patients and HCPs and includes their mobile app/portal application, HCP Studies. Altura supports healthcare organizations, research centers and study sponsors (e.g. pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies). For more information on Altura and its Study Engagement Platform, please visit