DIA selects Basel to host 30th EuroMeeting

Company News Release

The Drug Information Association (DIA) has chosen Basel in Switzerland as the location for the 30th anniversary of its EuroMeeting in 2018. The event will take place from 17 to 19 April.

The congress will focus on increased collaboration between the regulatory and the health technology assessment (HTA) / payer environment, and to reflect this area of increasing importance, a new steering committee structure, according to DIA.

The central themes for the EuroMeeting will include:

  • Can regulators and HTA bodies create synergies for patient access?

  • What are necessary steps towards outcome-driven health systems?

  • Medicines of the future: what will innovation need and bring?

  • How can better outcomes be enabled by big data?

  • What is the future of pharmacovigilance?

  • What can stakeholders expect from clinical trial (development), transparency and medical information?

  • A new era for medical devices and diagnostics. How is the impact?

  • Drug development and regulatory approval - reference points around the globe or globalization?

  • How can we enable clinical research in Europe further?

  • Can new health economic models increase access to innovation and attractiveness for bioventures and investors?

The co-chairs for the 2018 EuroMeeting are Luca Pani, from the European Medicines Agency in London, and Michelle Rohrer, global head of product development regulatory & policy at Roche in Basel.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 26 June 2017.