ECCRT and Biotech Training Facility Join Forces to Provide Complimentary Trainings

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Company News Release

September 14, 2017-Both worlds of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) come together in the partnership between the established European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) in Brussels, Belgium and the leading hands-on GMP training organization Biotech Training Facility in Leiden, Netherlands. 

Since July this year, these two organizations have joined forces in the area of GCP and hands-on GMP training. With this partnership, they are able to offer a large variety of training topics in these complementary areas. For example, the Clinical Research Training for Junior and Senior CRA’s given by ECCRT and the mid-level GMP training for QA personnel and operators given by BTF. These trainings are planned not only in Brussels and Leiden, but also in London, Rome, Milan, and Munich. 

With experienced trainers, they both offer standard courses as well as custom-made courses for clients on specific topics. In addition, consultants from both companies can offer their expertise in these areas to help their clients.


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