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Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-08-01-2009
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The latest eclinical software in the clinical trials industry.

Planning and Analyzing Patient Recruitment

New module broadens planning and forecasting at site level

KMR Group (Chicago) has added a new module in its Enrollment Metrix Application called SiteView. SiteView offers users the ability to examine enrollment KPIs derived from site level data. The new module allows users to anticipate the expected number of patients to be recruited from any given site as well as the time it takes any given site to complete recruitment.

SiteView increases site knowledge

SiteView joins with the TrialView module, which both access KMR Group's industry data, which includes disease, phase, and geography obtained from over 100,000 sites from recently completed trials in the biopharmaceutical arena.

KMR Group, (312) 795-0400,

Randomization/Trial Supply Management

New reporting solution addresses timeline/supply in global trials

Perceptive Informatics (Boston) announced its new reporting solution as part of its ClinPhone Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) technologies, which offer validated randomization methods, automated inventory control, dispensing and titration management, and emergency code break capabilities.

Perceptive RTSM gains reporting tool

The reporting solution features a Universal Report Suite to monitor clinical trial management performance, RTSM Dashboard with trending and forecasting functions, and a Self-Service Module with customizable search criteria for in-depth data analysis.

Perceptive Informatics, (781) 487-9900,

Enhancements Address Diaries and Interactivity

Design tool offers added function and flexibility for clinical trials

CRF Health (Lansdale, PA) announces TrialMax 4.0, which extends its ePRO software suite function. The TrialMax eDiary design tool allows real-time development between study teams and trial sponsors. In addition, TrialMax 4.0 includes automated email notification and messaging, enhanced user account and password management, configurable data exports in a variety of output formats, report content export to Microsoft Excel, enhanced report printing, and configurable patient status icons.

Introducing TrialMax 4.0

TrialMax 4.0 has also been updated with new user interface graphics and the ability to embed links in study reports.

CRF Health, (267) 498-2300,

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