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Austin, Texas, June 8, 2017 (Business Wire) - Elligo Health Research announced a partnership to grow its clinical research capabilities with Consortia Health. The partnership, which recently commenced patient enrollment for its first study, extends Elligo’s ability to bridge clinical research and clinical health care to accelerate the development of new products and therapies for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Recognized as a leader in broadening access to clinical studies for eligible patients, Elligo is the only organization that provides easy access to the 97 percent of physicians and patients who currently do not participate in clinical research. 

This partnership will leverage Elligo’s exclusive Goes Direct™ capabilities, which utilize electronic health records and other health data to identify patients and physicians for participation in clinical research studies. Elligo will make its offerings available to Consortia’s network of women’s health provider partners including OB-GYN and urology clinics. Working with these clinics, Elligo will provide on-demand clinical research services, technology, infrastructure, processes and on-site personnel to enable the clinics to easily participate in research without incurring costs of their own.  

“As our industry knows, strong recruitment is a leading driver of successful clinical trials,” said John Potthoff, CEO of Elligo. “Our goal has been to update the model of clinical trial efficiency by, first, enabling patients to participate while remaining under the care of their own trusted physician, and, second, allowing physicians to conduct trials without the need to incur research infrastructure or personnel costs. The Elligo model has consistently boosted our physician partners’ success through our team’s deep experience in clinical research, attention to detail and focus on patient safety and quality.”

“Elligo’s services will help our community clinic partners to easily participate in clinical research, which will have a significant impact on our research at Consortia,” said Jeff Oliva, CEO of Consortia Health. “This partnership is an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate to offer new capabilities and revenue streams to our clinic partners.”

About Elligo Health Research Elligo Health Research offers the only platform that brings clinical research to health care clinics, accelerating the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products and therapies. ElligoGoes Direct™ with an approach that uses electronic health records and other health data to identify real-world physicians and patients for participation in clinical studies. It is our mission to support health care providers by providing personnel, procedures, technology and infrastructure for clinical research, enabling patients to participate in research while remaining under the care of their own trusted physician. Learn more atelligodirect.com.

About Consortia Health Holdings 
Based in Austin, Texas, Consortia Health is a leading pelvic floor services provider. Together, our experienced staff and leadership team have assisted thousands of patients and their physicians in more than 30 states and four countries. We partner with health professionals, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, medical research firms and accountable care organizations (ACOs) to diagnose and treat patients suffering from the pelvic floor issues commonly associated with pregnancy, childbirth, aging, surgery and certain diseases. With Consortia Health's turnkey services, physicians are able to offer patients modern solutions to common problems right away - without extra training or unnecessary expense. For more information, please visit consortiahealth.com.


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