ePatientFinder and Rep Network Agree to Partnership

Alliance will increase physician exposure and patient participation in clinical trials
Austin, TX - ePatientFinder, the leader in EHR-driven clinical trial site optimization and patient identification, and Rep Network, the independent sales and knowledge source for the healthcare industry, today announced an alliance that will expand clinical trial access to millions of additional patients across the country.
The partnership provides the Rep Network's team of more than 2,000 independent sales reps and distributors the ability to offer physicians access to ePatientFinder's innovative Clinical Trial Exchange patient identification and enrollment platform, which leverages the power of the trusted physician-patient relationship and electronic health record (EHR) data. The platform enables neutral collaboration and community-building among physicians, clinicians, trial sponsors and EHR providers.
"We know that when physicians are involved in the clinical trial process, patients have better access to active studies and patient participation increases," said Tom Dorsett, CEO and President of ePatientFinder. "Our partnership with Rep Network will give thousands of additional community physicians access to the ePatientFinder Clinical Trial Exchange, which increases physician visibility to active trials and helps them to compliantly and efficiently match their patients with relevant opportunities."
ePatientFinder works directly with medical practices to assist physicians in identifying trial opportunities for protocol-eligible patients. The Clinical Trial Exchange platform uses a sophisticated three-tier filtering process that leverages both the patients' EHR data and information on ongoing trials based on geography and specialty. Patients gain access to life-enhancing -- and potentially life-saving -- clinical trial opportunities, while physicians and providers are able to create new revenue streams for the time they spend referring patients.
"By partnering with ePatientFinder, we are helping our physician community to streamline discovery of innovative options for patient care and facilitate patient access to new medicines and medical technologies," said Rep Network CEO Jennifer Figueroa. "We're proud to offer our network of experienced reps such a revolutionary addition to our extensive portfolio of physician solutions."
About ePatientFinder
ePatientFinder, based in Austin, Texas, is the only company that provides physicians and clinical trial sites with a secure technology platform that allows them to compliantly leverage EHR data and make it actionable. By tapping into the trusted physician-patient relationship, ePatientFinder produces the highest quality referrals in the business, which in turn help clinical trials get populated more quickly and cost effectively than ever before. With ePatientFinder, physicians and EHR providers develop additional revenue streams with little change to their current activities, and patient satisfaction increases dramatically with access to the advanced care that is only available through clinical trials. Learn more at www.epatientfinder.com, and follow @epatientfinder on Twitter.
About Rep Network
Rep Network, the independent sales and knowledge source for the healthcare industry, provides the tools, technology and personal support that reps, suppliers, and physicians need to get the best possible care to the patients who need it most. The company's customized training and technology solutions strengthen the healthcare delivery ecosystem. Well-connected reps achieve independence with training and peer community support. Meditech and pharmaceutical suppliers expand their reach through turn-key training and a mobilized, motivated sales force. Physicians and patients get connected to cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Everybody wins. For more information, visit www.repnetwork.com.