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Announcing a new drug development service:  EveryClinicalTrial
A ClinicalTrial.gov Registration Service

Newtown, PA January 4, 2016:  Founder Dr. Colin Miller today announced that company, EveryClinicalTrial (www.everyclinicaltrial.com) was “open for business” and already has contracts in place and providing services for clients.  The requirements for registering and publishing trial results on ClinicalTrial.gov is both difficult and time consuming, so EveryClinicalTrial (ECT) provides the “go to” cost effective solution to those conducting clinical trials. While there are currently 200,000 trials registered on ClinicalTrial.gov, less than 20,000 have reported results.  The current recommendations are to post results within 12 months of completing a trial and there is new legislation pending in congress which may tighten up the requirements.  Colin Miller, ECT’s CEO states: “We believe that incomplete, inaccurate, misleading, or delayed reporting of medical research may result in poorly informed decision making and reduce the efficiency and quality of health care. Therefore, scientific and clinical research should be reported in a complete, accurate, balanced, and timely manner and we aim to help support this goal.”

•       • To aid researchers in these new requirements, ECT offers two primary services:  Protocol+ for the registration of trials and Results Services for the publications of trial results.  Bill Blank, VP of Sales and Marketing comments:  “typically a client does not work regularly with these requirements and it can be quite frustrating, not to mention the costly risk of non-compliance with reporting standards.  Our experience and tools allow us to dramatically reduce the time to format and register their information, enabling us to offer an effective and low-cost solution for this challenge.”

•       • ECT will be based in Newtown, PA and has plans to add 10+ employees over the next 12 months.  The company is currently well funded by a group of private investors.

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