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Applied Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-12-01-2013
Volume 22
Issue 12

Applied Clinical Trials is pleased to announce exciting changes to the way we offer content to our readers.

In various internal and external surveys this year, Applied Clinical Trials has evaluated its print magazine, digital products, and web site to determine what our readers want and how they are consuming information.

Digital product adoption among our readers is growing at a faster rate than what we would normally anticipate. That includes our eBooks, use of the magazine's digital edition, webinar attendance, and web site access for news and articles.

To address these needs, in 2014 we will be offering six print issues of Applied Clinical Trials, down from the 10 issues we published in 2013. In no way will this affect the authoritative quality of our content. We will continue to accept and publish the peer-review articles that we are known for, which are externally reviewed by our experts on the editorial advisory board. These articles will appear online first and will be identified as peer-reviewed.

The six printed issues will be highly-targeted and focused on those areas that our audience have rated highly over the past two years. These are: global trials; clinical technologies (ClinTech); oncology drug development; clinical trial management; clinical trial innovations; and drug safety and testing.

Another interesting growth area for Applied Clinical Trials is in conferences. In a recent Industry Standard Research survey, it showed in the next 12 months conferences would be a major source of information. Because of our relationship with CBI, a producer of clinical trials-related conferences in the United States, we will increase our involvement in the 2014 roster of CBI clinical conferences.

Additionally, we are increasing our coverage and frequency of online information. We are fortunate to have over 140,000 dedicated and loyal professionals worldwide as readers of Applied Clinical Trials. Thank you for your opinions and comments in the annual survey. We will continue to work with you to remain the leader in bringing you the trusted information you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Remember, we are still only an e-mail away, or contact us through our LinkedIn Group, Facebook, and Twitter.

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