Exom Group starts Caravaggio Study, Cloud & Mobile Clinical Trial


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Amsterdam–June 7, 2017-At the European Investigators’ meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Exom Group “The Human Digital CRO,” headquartered in Milano, Italy-launched the Caravaggio Study, an industry Cloud & Mobile Clinical Trial, that will randomize about 1,200 patients from 160 clinical sites across Europe, Israel, and the U.S. 

The study is assessing the efficacy and safety of a DOAC in the treatment of VTE complications in cancer patients. 

The real innovation of this study is the full digital conduction and oversight through Genius SUITE®, an integrated multi-modular cloud platform that enables real-time and on-line management of the multi-functions spectrum of clinical trial operations.

Genius SUITE® combines in one study portal many functionalities from the electronic Informed Consent (eIC), Randomization and Drug Supply, to the eTMF, RBM, and eSource: 

With Genius SUITE®, both studys’ sponsors and investigators can accelerate trial execution and gain real-time visibility into any trial related operations. 

“The conduction and oversight of a clinical trial is an highly complex and often inefficient ecosystem due to a number of factors, including the inconsistent use of a large number of disparate and incompatible technologies,” said Luigi Visani, President & CEO of Exom Group , 

“Real-time and mobile access, compatibility, integration and completeness are critical factors driving technology solutions adoption among clinical research professionals and patients. Exom Group is bringing the next generation of clinical trial to the clinical research stakeholders. We are revolutionizing the CRO industry with the unique combination of human professional skills and services with a unified suite of applications to provide one process, one system, and one view within and across clinical trials , while reducing costs and increasing quality and performance “. 


Additional Information 
For more on Exom Group and/or Genius SUITE® : info@exomgroup.com 

About Exom Group srl
Exom Group is “The Human Digital CRO” , that provides cloud technological solutions & value-added services for clinical development of drugs & medical devices. We combine the strong medical, regulatory and operational expertise of our staff , with the most disruptive digital cloud technological solutions to reduce costs and increase quality and performance of Clinical Trials. Exom Group is headquartered in Milano (Italy) and operates in all Europe and USA. 

For more information visit www.exomgroup.com 


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