Forte Research Systems Releases Allegro CTMS@Network for Site and Trial Management Organizations and Investigator Site Networks


Forte Research Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce the newest member of the Allegro® product line, Allegro CTMS@Network™, which addresses key challenges encountered by site management organizations (SMOs) and investigator site networks. Topping the list of key functionality are streamlined site selection, study start-up project management, and visibility into study conduct across multiple sites.

“Taking complex and data-intensive situations and making them easy to visualize and simple to manage is what the Allegro product line does best,” said Srini Kalluri, Founder, President, CEO and Chief Customer Officer at Forte Research Systems. “Allegro CTMS@Network is a terrific addition to the Allegro product family.”

With an increase in the quantity of trials that are being performed at sites, project managers at SMOs and site networks are not only managing their own workload, but are also trying to monitor and manage the work conducted by busy site staff. This complex environment requires a centralized data repository with sophisticated project management, administrative, and financial tools, in addition to clinical trial management functionality.

Allegro CTMS@Network provides a solution to all these challenges. Through a centralized investigator site database, SMOs and networks are able to get a clear view of their investigator sites in one place and eliminate the need to repeatedly collect the same information. They are able to quickly locate potential sites, find contact information, and communicate with site staff.

Communication regarding activities between the network and sites becomes easy through the use of task lists. By utilizing these lists, project managers can reduce study start-up times, manage activities between sites, and view the status of all sites on a trial at a glance with the task list summary.

For organizations heavily involved with study conduct at the sites, Allegro CTMS@Network provides one centralized calendar that can be used across multiple sites to auto-generate subject visit dates and aid in study management. Detailed trial information such as enrollment, subject status, and drug accountability can be quickly obtained across all participating investigator sites using real-time, customizable reports.

With Allegro CTMS@Network, SMOs and networks are able to leverage powerful built-in customer relationship management tools to track their business development progress in the same system in which they maintain their clinical trial database. Allegro CTMS@Network provides a simple, easy-to-use solution to the unique challenges faced by site and trial management organizations and investigator site networks.

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