Full-Service CRO Eurotrials Opens New Office In Mexico


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LISBON, PORTUGAL, FEBRUARY 22 2016 – Eurotrials, a clinical research organization (CRO) specialized in Europe and Latin America, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Mexico City, Mexico. The new office strengthens the company’s presence in Latin America and further boosts its growth and expansion, providing full operational coverage in this key emergent region.
Hector De Lille, MD, Project Manager, will head the new office. Hector has over 12 years of experience in the clinical research area, and is a specialist in Clinical Studies Management in Latin America. “This investment demonstrates Eurotrials’ confidence in the clinical research field in Mexico, one of the most important markets for clinical research today, where several strategic decisions are being taken towards positive development. This will consolidate Eurotrials’ position as a key player in Latin America” said Hector.
Maria João Queiroz, Global CEO at Eurotrials, explains the latest addition in Eurotrials family: ”Eurotrials continues to grow successfully and sustainably as a result of our unique commitment to deliver our clients’ needs on time, on budget and to the highest quality. The office will support the growth of the company’s global business, which helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies bring new therapies and treatments to the market.”
Located in Mexico City centre, the new office is one of its main six sites – including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Spain - dedicated to Eurotrials full-service CRO operations, reinforcing its position and capabilities in all LATAM region. The Mexico-based office specializes in strategic consulting, clinical studies conduct, project management and outcome research. The team helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners develop strategic plans for the entire drug development process.
About Eurotrials
Eurotrials is a full-service CRO focused in Europe and Latin America with strong local expertise. The company has been validated by international biopharmaceutical companies, has several master agreements and is ISO- 9001 certified. With more than 20 years of experience, Eurotrials has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Spain, covering over 15 countries in both regions. Eurotrials provides an extensive array of services from early- to late-stage research as well as product support in accordance with global and specific regional requirements.
You can visit Eurotrials at the website http://www.eurotrials.com; Twitter: @Eurotrials

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