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PHILADELPHIA, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ACI Clinicalannounces a new solution for Life Sciences companies facing the growing difficulty surrounding the identification and engagement of independent medical experts. With over a decade of experience building and managing a global network of medical thought leaders, ACI offers a complete solution that simplifies all aspects of the recruitment, contracting and payment process. With pressure from new regulations like the Sunshine Payments Act, clients can contact ACI today to find the expertise needed for everything from study design to clinical consulting to full service Endpoint Adjudication and Data Monitoring Committee solutions. 

Common challenges in Engaging Medical Experts
Medical experts are frequently contracted by pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies to provide thought leadership expertise at various points of development and post-marketing. Experts often serve as consultants for study design and safety issues, or as members of independent data review committees.

Finding the right match for unique project needs while complying with regulations around Health Care Provider (HCP) transfers of value can bring many challenges that ACI Clinical can help to solve:

  • Opportunity cost of spending time and resources on trying to find the right consultants

  • Determining individual experience, availability, fit and conflicts of interest

  • Managing the sensitive expert-customer relationship

  • Proving Fair Market Value (FMV) compliance for pay rates

  • Meeting local, national, international, academic and institutional HCP payment requirements

Assistance with Fair Market Value (FMV) Determinations
Although various mechanisms are in place to establish HCP value, such as MGMA reports, these rates often don't reflect the added-value of leading medical experts. Thought-leader expertise is so rare that there is no readily available published source of fair market rates for these individuals. Given ACI's long history of managing independent expert committees – from identification and vetting to negotiating rates and managing payments – ACI holds unique insight into the actual data. Clients looking for medical expert FMV payment information can turn to ACI for real-world contractual data on hourly rates of experts in over 20 countries.

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