Improve Study Outcomes Through Site-Centered eConsent Solutions



Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST

Electronic informed consent (eConsent) platforms are among the most advantageous clinical technologies that sponsors and sites can add to their operations, but many clinical trial sites remain wary of abandoning traditional paper-based approaches. Learn how sponsors can communicate the benefits of eConsent to their site networks and take specific steps to accelerate adoption.

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Event overview

When implementing an eConsent strategy in your next clinical trial, it’s crucial that both sites and sponsors understand the benefits of using eConsent. eConsent enhances site efficiency and precision by offering features such as single sign-on, streamlined consent processes, and system integrations, which allow staff to concentrate on patient care. This strategy offers sponsors immediate access to participant consent information, while also enhancing the quality and adherence of data, reducing enrollment periods and boosting patient retention. Sponsors are also instrumental in promoting the uptake of eConsent at sites by establishing clear expectations; this can be done by educating the study team and site personnel, as well as highlighting the advantages of using eConsent.

In this webinar, IQVIA eConsent experts will demonstrate the extensive site-focused capabilities within eConsent solutions. They will emphasize the positive impact on clinical trials and share best practices to increase adoption of eConsent by sites.

Three key take-aways

Learn site advantages to adopting eConsent.
Understand how higher eConsent usage by sites improve trial outcomes for sponsors.
Understand the actions that sponsors can take to broaden eConsent adoption among sites.


Vinita Navadgi
Senior Director, Product and Strategy, IQVIA eConsent

Vinita Navadgi is a technology leader focused on innovation in clinical research and advancement of drugs. With over 25 years of technology expertise, she is passionate about accelerating clinical research and the patient consenting process by leveraging digitally transformative technologies while offering intuitive user experiences.

Dawn Strelow
Associate Director of Client Engagement, IQVIA eConsent

Dawn Strelow is Associate Director of Client Engagement for IQVIA’s Patient Consent team. She engages sponsors to understand their goals and advise on best practices to support their needs. As a registered nurse, Dawn also has a keen sense of the site perspective. She connects with site users and gives them a voice, looking to understand their unique needs, challenges, and ideas. She carries sponsor and site input forward, regularly collaborating with the rest of the eConsent team to help design technology solutions that meet sponsor, site, and patient needs.

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