Mural Health and ProofPilot Partner Patient Payments


Agreement expected to upgrade customer payments.

Mural Health, provider of participant management platform Mural Link, announced it will join ProofPilot’s digital protocol automation platform as a partner to improve participant payments.

“At ProofPilot, we have always seen a higher degree of patient compliance when payments can be automated and closely tied to a wide variety of tasks. Most are unaware of the number of hidden activities needed for a patient to execute during a study outside of the explicit tasks,” said Chris Venezia, CEO of ProofPilot. “Through the strategic partnership of our digital protocol automation platform, along with Mural Health’s participant payment capabilities, we will make it easier for our sites and patients to successfully conduct and participate in research by increasing the efficiency to complete tasks, procedures, and now, patient payments.”

Reference: Mural Health and ProofPilot Partner to Streamline Payments and Provide More Patient Choice. Berwyn, PA and New York, NY, USA, MARCH 14, 2023.

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