Operational Oversight in Clinical Research: Integrations and Insights



Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, June 27th, 2024 at 11am EDT|8am PDT|4pm BST|5pm CEST

Learn how IQVIA’s CDAS technology and services can provide an efficient path to consolidating and harmonizing data across any provider source, ensuring high quality oversight of outsourced clinical trial activities.

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Event overview

A recent IQVIA survey revealed that one-third of sponsors fully or partially outsource their clinical trials to several service providers (i.e., CROs, etc.). Although this model usually results in the successful execution of trials, it also creates numerous challenges. For example, sponsor’s data resides with different providers and reports and metrics are produced at varying frequencies and provided in different formats and nomenclatures. This requires sponsors to spend too much time wrangling data from all trials across their portfolio and manually processing reports to maintain the necessary, and ICH E6 required, level of operational oversight.

Join this webinar to learn how IQVIA Technologies Clinical Data Analytics Solutions (CDAS) offers sponsors an answer to the challenge of high quality, timely oversight in an outsourced clinical trial model. CDAS provides powerful analytics capabilities and a robust library of standard dashboards and reports, while also enabling the flexibility of self-service reporting and the power of generative AI to question data directly. Acquiring and standardizing data from multiple sources to support the required analytics is driven by multiple easy-to-use ingestion adaptors and the ability to harmonize data to a comprehensive common operational data model, providing the data foundation for cross-study and portfolio-level standardized analytics and reporting for sponsors. Data integration and harmonization services are also available to complement the offering, thus requiring minimal involvement from internal teams to prepare data, saving time and energy to focus on timely, proactive oversight activities.

Three key take-aways

  • Review the regulatory requirements and subsequent challenges of maintaining high quality sponsor oversight in an outsourced trial model.
  • Learn how IQVIA’s CDAS technology and services can provide an efficient path to consolidating and harmonizing data across any provider source.
  • Learn about the value of analytics delivered via standard dashboards, self-service reporting capabilities, and innovative generative AI chat features.


Wendy Morahan
Sr. Director, Product, CDAS
IQVIA Technologies
Wendy has 25-plus years’ experience in the life sciences industry, with a career spanning academic research, preclinical drug discovery, and clinical trials, culminating in a focus and passion for delivering technology solutions that help bring treatments to patients faster. Wendy is currently part of the product strategy leadership team for IQVIA Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS), providing both SaaS solutions for the market as well as IQVIA’s internal CRO needs. As part of the CDAS team, Wendy is responsible for strategy, product management leadership, and go-to-market activities.

Rathipriya Bhaskar
Sr. Product Manager, Clinical Data Analytics
IQVIA Technologies

Rathi has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry, with more than a decade of experience managing and delivering cutting-edge software solutions for clinical trials while working through various systems in the trial landscape, including enterprise clinical data stores. Rathi is currently part of the product management group at IQVIA, leading the development for the CDAS Clinical Analytics product powered with AI/ML capabilities.

Prashant Bomireddipalli
Director, CDAS – Data Services
IQVIA Technologies

Prashant has over 23 plus years of experience as technology executive in pharma and life sciences industry who aligns IT strategies with business objectives to drive revenue growth and profitability. Prashant possesses a strong clinical trials management business acumen, technology expertise, strategic vision, leadership skills, results-oriented mindset, business partnership capabilities, and a continuous learning mindset to effectively fulfill in his delivery lead, product management roles for IQVIA Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS) Data Services team in managing data exchanges and sharing.

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