Outcome Sciences Announces Collaboration with National Football League to Increase Knowledge of Football-Related Injuries


Company News Release

Outcome Sciences, Inc.

(OUTCOME) announced they will team with the

National Football League

(NFL) to update its Injury Surveillance System, the primary source for injury reporting in the NFL. In addition to providing technology and hosting services for the Injury Surveillance System, Outcome is also providing the NFL and its committees with epidemiological and biostatistical expertise to analyze NFL injury data and support related medical research.
The NFL’s Injury Surveillance System has been in existence since 1980. As part of the collaboration, the NFL training staff will rely on Outcome’s proprietary Outcome System® as the platform for the next generation NFL Injury Surveillance System.
“We are always looking for ways to help athletes at all levels of play stay healthy and safe,” said Dr. Elliott Hershman, Chairman of the NFL Injury and Safety Panel. “We are pleased to be working with Outcome to monitor and analyze injuries as a step towards preventing them.”
“Accurately tracking and analyzing injuries in professional football is the first step towards ultimately reducing their incidence and severity,” said Richard Gliklich, MD, President and CEO of Outcome.  “We are pleased to collaborate with the NFL and NFLPA in enhancing the NFL’s Injury Surveillance System and providing ongoing scientific review and research support for a range of initiatives aimed at better understanding football-related injuries and health outcomes.”
The project began with the start of training camp with the participation of five pilot teams, including the New York Giants, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steeler,s and the San Francisco 49ers.  Following the completion of the pilot phase, the project is expected to be expanded to all of the remaining teams in the NFL. The project also will include the development of additional player studies managed by the NFL Injury and Safety Panel and other NFL medical committees, including the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Medical Committee.

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