PAREXEL Launches Perceptive MyTrials Data-Driven Monitoring


Applied Clinical Trials

PAREXEL announced the launch of its Perceptive MyTrials Data-Driven Monitoring solution.

PAREXEL announced the launch of its Perceptive MyTrials® Data-Driven Monitoring solution. Developed by PAREXEL Informatics, it is a key component of its Perceptive MyTrials eClinical platform, an integrated suite of applications for managing clinical trials.

Perceptive MyTrials Data-Driven Monitoring an centralized monitoring approach that uses clinical data to guide monitoring activities as an alternative to periodically scheduled monitoring visits. This data can drive decision-making in determining when on-site monitoring visits need to occur and what activities should be undertaken during those visits. Monitoring focused on specific risks offers the potential to enhance patient safety, reduce costs and promote regulatory compliance.


Read the full release here.

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