PathAI Announces Collaboration With GSK on NASH Phase IIb Clinical Trial


PathAI has announced its partnership with GSK on HORIZON, a randomized Phase IIb non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) clinical trial (NCT05583344). The trial will measure improvements in liver histology with GSK4532990 compared with placebo in participants with NASH and advanced fibrosis. PathAI's role will be to generate, digitize, and analyze liver biopsy slides for central pathologist evaluation in addition to AI-powered histologic evaluation using PathAI's AI-based Measurement of NASH Histology (AIM-NASH) tool. AIM-NASH metrics will be included as exploratory endpoints in this study.

PathAI will provide kitting, logistics, lab and analytical services to generate and analyze digitized H&E and Masson's Trichome data for both pathologist consensus scoring, facilitated by PathAI's Contributor Pathologist Network, and quantitative histologic evaluation, enabled by AIM-NASH. This trial will utilize PathAI's anatomical pathology services through the PathAI Biopharma Lab, located in Memphis, TN. PathAI's biopharma lab will receive and accession trial subject biopsies, stain tissue sections, and create slides. The stained slides for each case will then be scanned using a whole slide image scanner and will be uploaded to PathAI's digital pathology viewer, AISight™, for assessment by pathologists and via AIM-NASH.

PathAI's AIM-NASH product has been trained to detect and quantify key histological features of NASH, including those that are evaluated for disease severity assessment using the standard NASH Clinical Research Network scoring system. The product delivers slide-level scores for those features mirroring the standard, FDA-approved pathology workflow, in addition to delivering an extended range of quantitative, continuous features, and scores for research exploration.


PathAI Announces Collaboration with GSK on NASH Phase 2b Clinical Trial. (2023, March 30). Cision PR Newswire.

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