PPD Introduces Comprehensive Data Solution for Biopharmaceutical Companies


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Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD) today introduced PPD® InVision, a data solution that consolidates and standardizes data from multiple sources, giving clients real-time access to their clinical trial data. PPD InVision’s complete, end-to-end clinical data management capabilities provide clients increased visibility to study data, creating time and cost efficiencies.

“PPD InVision is more than a technology—it’s the process, people and organization behind the data,” said Niklas Morton, vice president of global biostatistics, programming and medical writing, who unveiled the new clinical data solution at the 22nd Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials in Orlando, Fla. “PPD InVision compiles patient and metric data from electronic data capture, interactive voice response system, pharmacovigilance, central lab and third-party vendor data into a data warehouse where it can be viewed in real time through interactive and visual dashboards. This real-time access and its transparent reporting capabilities enable our clients to address issues quickly and efficiently, while potentially making faster strategic and tactical decisions about their studies.”

The dashboards provide interactive visualizations of operational and patient data, giving clients and PPD teams the ability to identify trends and drill down into the data for detailed information. The data visualizations facilitate the analysis and identification of trends in both patient and operational data, enabling informed decision-making at the earliest possible time points.

With PPD InVision, study teams work within optimized processes to drive data currency and improved data transparency in areas such as patient data, site performance and risk-based monitoring, which allow teams to be more engaged and better informed in the risk identification and mitigation process. The complete data package includes a clinical data repository, improved standards around EDC and statistical outputs, a combination of in-house and onsite monitors, the PPD cross-functional data liaison and interactive dashboards for data visualization.

PPD InVision is available for demonstration at Partnerships in Clinical Trials, 21-24 April, in Orlando. Attendees can stop by PPD booth No. 600 to view the dashboards and learn more about this data management solution. In addition, Morton will present “Meeting Sponsors’ Operational and Scientific Needs through Real-Time Data” on Wednesday, 24 April, at 1:15 p.m. EDT.

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