Principal Investigators Launches Website for Clinical Trial and Patient Referral Offers

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Company News Release

The New and Easier Way to Find Patients and Begin Clinical Trials.

Principal Investigators® (, the world’s first place for clinical trial & patient referral offers, announced the global availability of its online platform designed specifically to connect Medical Doctors with Pharma and R&D companies involved in clinical studies. With all medical doctors can start referring their patients and increase their ability to start a new clinical trial at their site. It allows Pharma & CRO companies to locate investigators from all over the globe and carry out feasibility all in one place. It also helps to locate MDs referring their patients for planned or ongoing clinical trials. Investigators can easily monitor offers, apply to trials within their area of expertise and gain new business in a fast and simple way.

These days more than 70% of clinical trials are 1-6 or more months delayed due to the lack of patients and poorly performing sites, which makes the life-saving medical innovations unavailable on the market for more than it should be. was created to change that.

Planning is a crucial element in clinical trials which can determine the success of any research. That's why focuses purely on the feasibility and patient recruitment processes. This combination allows the service to fill in the gap which the competition does not provide and helps improve the overall trial enrollment performance.

Advertisement works in a similar way to LinkedIn: MDs create and maintain their professional profiles, collect references from Sponsors & CROs which confirm their performance as a reliable business partner. It currently maintains over 20,000 qualified clinical trial investigators around the world and the number is growing each day. "By having all our data input directly by the investigators themselves and collecting references from the Sponsors & CROs they cooperated with, we can provide access to the most reliable and up-to-date information on the market, including valid contact details, professional experience, site performance and facilities - this allows Sponsors & CROs to make better decisions regarding patient recruitment plans and site selection." says Adam Kogut - the creator and brain behind

"We spoke to CROs and sponsor companies from all over the world about the most problematic issues they face when it comes to site enrolment and the afterwards. In 92% of all cases it was the time spent on searching and having to go through numerous and usually not up-to-date sources which varied in data quality as well as the patient recruitment plans being too optimistic. This is why we implemented reference collections to prove which Investigators are trustworthy, and a two-way investigator recruitment system which basically comes down to searching throughout our unified research center database, and posting trial and/or patient referral offers, where investigators can directly apply and go through the feasibility process. This significantly reduces the time - by over 70% - providing access to a large number of investigators potentially willing to participate in a clinical trial, and eliminates the common lack of interest (due to having a competitive trial or other reasons) which was also an issue" says Mike Dziurkowski - Marketing Manager at