Sanofi to Utilize Flatiron Clinical Pipe™ in Oncology Clinical Trials


Flatiron Health’s scalable EHR-to-EDC technology to enable efficient site data transfer for faster access to cleaner data with less burden.

Flatiron Health has partnered with Sanofi in upcoming multi-study oncology clinical trials to improve data acquisition, delivery, and quality through site-facing technology that digitally transfers data captured in the electronic health record (EHR) directly into the electronic data capture (EDC) via Flatiron Health’s EHR-to-EDC product, Flatiron Clinical Pipe.™ This intends to eliminates manual, high-volume data entry and downstream data resolution issues.

The collaboration will allow a broad network of research sites – including both academic and community cancer centers to more easily participate in Sanofi’s oncology trials. In the initial Sanofi trial earlier this month, the Flatiron technology for automated data push successfully transferred over 50% of study data1 from the EHR to the EDC. Sanofi and Flatiron will collaborate on data standards and mapping to expand the volume and types of data eligible for automated transfer.

“With the FDA’s guidance on interoperable technology that allows electronic transmission of relevant EHR data to the EDC system, we knew we had an opportunity with Flatiron Clinical Pipe to unlock the potential of data captured in the EHR, reduce the burden of clinical trials and accelerate research timelines,” says Alex Deyle, General Manager, Clinical Research, Flatiron Health in a press release

Reference: Flatiron Health Embarks on Strategic Partnership with Sanofi to Make Clinical Trials More Efficient by Streamlining Data Acquisition at the Point of Care. NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-5/1/23.

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