SCDM Reaches Certification of its 400th Certified Clinical Data Manager


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MILWAUKEE-The Society for Clinical Data Management today reached an important milestone with the certification of its 400th Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM).

CCDM certification indicates that a professional has specialized knowledge of all aspects of the clinical data management process, rather than knowledge limited to particular domains.

"This accomplishment confirms that the CCDM program is well recognized-not just in the United States but worldwide,” said Leigh Smith, CCDM, leader of the SCDM Certification Taskforce. “Certification serves the dual purpose of signaling to employers that a candidate has experience and expertise, while also allowing those CCDMs to stand out from the crowd in this competitive marketplace."

SCDM began certifying clinical data managers in 2005 after leaders realized a need for a standard way to assess knowledge and competencies among clinical data managers. Industry leaders also expressed a desire to provide professional development opportunities to their CDM employees. The CCDM program was the first credentialing program geared specifically toward clinical data managers.

Today, CCDMs represent 29 states and 14 countries and are working in a variety of industries supporting the development of medications, medical treatments and devices.

The CCDM exam is a rigorous assessment of key competency domains in clinical data management. The current version has 130 questions, tests 17 competency areas and has a pass rate of 55 percent. To qualify for the CCDM exam, applicants must meet minimum requirements of education and experience. Certification must be renewed every three years-a mandate satisfied by earning continuing education credits or retaking the exam.

To learn more about CCDM certification, visit

The Society for Clinical Data Management is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical data management through professional development, education and certification. Established in 1994, SCDM has more than 2,600 members with an interest in advancing data management practices. For additional information, please visit

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