SCRS Announces New Virtual Training Member Benefit

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Applied Clinical Trials

The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) announced the addition of a complimentary virtual trial training and certificate program to its member benefit package. Available to SCRS member sites domestically and abroad, the program will help sites prepare for conducting hybrid clinical trials which include a combination of virtual and in-person visits. Sites will be provided with the training and preparation required to conduct virtual visits, and a certificate to demonstrate their virtual capabilities to sponsors and CROs.

The platform is available for use on any device, including patients’ personal devices (Apple, Android, tablet and/or computer) and will work for any research site. By combining video, text and email, sites can address specific patient and study needs in a secure environment. The training program includes four brief modules sites will complete in order to become certified as Virtual Trial Capable. Once completed, sites will receive a Virtual Trial Capable Certificate and badge which can be displayed to sponsors and CROs when applying for clinical trials with a virtual component. As part of the program, VirTrial will regularly provide sponsors and CROs with a list of Virtual Trial Capable sites. 

“As a Circle of Sustainability Partner with SCRS, VirTrial is committed to supporting and creating a strong future for research sites, and that requires the use of technology to augment traditional studies,” said VirTrial CEO, Mark Hanley. “Most future protocols will include a telemedicine component and we want to ensure that sites are prepared to implement that. Our target goal is to have 30,000 members and 9,000 sites trained on virtual trials.”


“The addition of VirTrial’s training and certificate program as a complimentary SCRS member benefit will play an instrumental role in our member sites’ ability to prepare for the future of clinical research,” said SCRS President, Casey Orvin. “VirTrial has been a strong proponent of our organization since becoming a Circle of Sustainability Partner, and this program further demonstrates their commitment to collaboration and growth across the clinical trials industry. We are thrilled to add this program to the incredible benefits SCRS offers sites.”