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LANCASTER, PA & NORTHBROOK, IL-June 26, 2017-Continuum Clinical and Skipta announced the launch of the Center for Observational Research, connecting physicians and available real-world research opportunities within a private and secure digital environment. 

Skipta is a social network of online medical communities. Continuum Clinical is recognized for the design and implementation of observational studies and registries. Together, the two companies are harnessing crowdsourcing for research sponsors seeking non-interventional study participants outside the usual academic/clinical trial investigative sites.

John Ciccio, President of Skipta states, “Skipta is thrilled to be working with Continuum Clinical, furthering our mission to support the professional, education and economic development of our members by bringing to them the latest study opportunities directly within their Skipta community. The Center for Observational Research adds another dimension to the type of content we offer members, and we know it’s content that they want. We recently conducted a survey among more than 700 primary care physicians, urologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists and pediatricians, and found that 80% of respondents were ‘extremely interested’ in receiving more information about observational studies.”

“Observational research generates vital clinical and economic evidence from real world medical practice, but first, research sponsors must identify and engage the physicians whose patients live with the diseases, and experience the treatments our clients wish to study,” said Jeff Trotter, president of Continuum Clinical. “With Skipta’s access to hundreds of thousands of verified healthcare professionals-already organized by medical specialty, and actively engaged on the web and on mobile devices-and our expertise in designing and implementing observational studies and registries, the Center for Observational Research marks the beginning of an exciting new era in this field.

Continuum will have exclusive access to Skipta’s verified members who have already expressed a strong interest in real world studies, thereby expediting the process of identifying and enrolling physicians and their patients into prospective observational research initiatives. The Center will serve as a direct and cost-effective response to operational challenges our clients have often expressed in accelerating the pace of observational studies and registries.”

The Center for Observational Research has initiated activity with observational study opportunities in a variety of therapeutic areas including immunology, oncology, dermatology and gastroenterology, and is available to accommodate new listings from research sponsors and CROs.

About Skipta

Skipta is a social network of online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals. Skipta’s growing network of more than 30 online medical communities enables healthcare professionals to communicate, consult, and exchange information within private and secure platforms per physician specialty, healthcare profession, or disease state. Skipta supports the medical advancement of its members by offering a range of collaborative peer based services that aid quality of care and contribute to improved patient outcomes. Skipta’s network provides trusted forums and a range of tools for the life sciences industry to engage with healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit

About Continuum Clinical

Continuum Clinical is a global healthcare research and communications company. With over thirty years of experience, Continuum Clinical brings together a blend of world-class experience in key disciplines, including strategic patient outreach communications, observational research and registries, study site optimization, advocacy relations, and health economics and outcomes research. Continuum Clinical provides a blend of resources and perspectives, proven expertise, and innovative solutions throughout the entire continuum of a product’s lifecycle-from pre-launch into the real world. Headquartered in the US, Continuum Clinical has staff in Europe and an expanded worldwide network of resources. For more information, please visit

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