Special Clinical Research Summit on Brexit Set for April


An emergency summit to discuss how to safeguard the clinical research industry in the U.K. before and after Brexit will take place on April 5.

An emergency summit to discuss how to safeguard the clinical research industry in the U.K. before and after Brexit-the planned exit of the U.K. from the European Union (EU)-will take place on Wednesday, April 5th at a venue in the South Bucks/Berkshire area.

“Pressure is mounting on the government because the issue is very real. The clinical research industry is already experiencing a challenging time with the ongoing talent crisis. It’s important we proactively manage the transition through Brexit to avoid long-term issues to the industry,” says Jacqueline Johnson North, CEO of IAOCR, the accrediting organization for the international clinical research industry. “We can’t wait for the Government to make decisions. By working together, we will have a stronger voice in Parliament.”

The clinical research sector is of great value to the U.K. economy, and many CROs and pharmaceutical companies have established their European headquarters in the country, she continued. Globally there is also a talent crisis, which means the U.K. needs to attract and retain talent, both now and in the future, and the implications of Brexit must be considered and proactively managed.

Clinical research staff and the companies employing them are operating in times of uncertainty, according to Johnson North. The current position of the U.K. government is that it is unwilling to guarantee the rights of EU nationals from other countries to remain in the country, until the rights of U.K. nationals living in the EU have been secured.

The initial meeting will focus on protecting the current and future talent of the industry, as well as defining other key issues that the industry needs to consider as the UK prepares to exit the EU. It will create a taskforce to develop a practical, strategic positioning paper with clear messages on what the clinical research industry needs to survive and thrive pre- and post-Brexit.

“We have had a lot of interest in the summit and we will be reviewing all interested parties next week,” noted Jane Gulmez, Global Client Communications Manager of IAOCR.

For more details about the event, contact her on +44 (0) 1628 565 544 or by email at jgulmez@iaocr.com.

Philip Ward is the European Editor for Applied Clinical Trials

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