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Trifecta Multimedical, a global provider of online clinical investigator training, introduced, designed to give clinical trial sponsors and sites unprecedented capabilities for clinical training and site operations. streamlines clinical trial site management and oversight without compromising quality or compliance. It is a web-based application that tracks, validates and reports investigator training activity through one simple interface, regardless of how training is conducted.
“We set out to empower investigators in entirely new ways. At the same time, we wanted to provide sponsors with a level of tracking and validation that has simply never been available before,” says Trifecta Multimedical CEO Dave Young. unifies training and collaboration done on-line, at in-person investigator meetings, web conferences and using off-the-shelf solutions provided by competitors.
“ lets investigators make their own decisions in a controlled manner, taking a huge administrative burden off study teams,” says Young. “It dovetails perfectly with sponsors’ training plans. It’s like the difference between driving a stick shift and an automatic. There are so many steps that are now completely automated.” has been in development for the past two years. During that time, Trifecta continually interviewed sites, sponsors and clinical research organizations regarding training challenges and opportunities to improve site operations. “We wanted to find all the gaps and close them,” says Young. The company expects to elevate sponsors’ expectations of training technologies. Young calls it “raising the industry IQ.”

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