Turn Real-World Data Insights Into a Personalized Trial Journey for Every Patient



Part 1: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 at 9am EDT|6am PDT|1pm GMT|2pm CET Part 2: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 at 9am EST|6am PST|2pm GMT|3pm CET We’ve grown as an industry; clinical research and drug-to-market development has been on the forefront of the optimizations towards breakthrough innovations and treatments. Learn strategies incorporating real world data and technology to help optimize the clinical trial journey in a way that meets the patient where they live.

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Event Overview:

Part 1: Turn Real-World Data Insights Into a Personalized Trial Journey for Every Patient

A renewed interest in clinical research has encouraged the pharma industry to look to strategies that drive trial awareness and participation. First, we must begin to understand the motivations that drive engagement and recruitment of study participants towards trial enrollment. Then, using those motivations to shape intentional patient engagement strategies, the trial transforms from the generic one-size-fits-all experience into an agile adaptable individual patient journey that reflect the community of the patients impacted by illness.

During this webinar, IQVIA experts highlight the services and technologies needed to engage the community of patients without compromise, with greater patient empathy, increased site support, and a more personalized trial experience.

Three Key Take-aways:

1. How do we bridge the gap from willingness to participate to enrollment
2. Understanding the role of patient voice in clinical trials and how those insights influence patient-centered design
3. Learn about the latest in people, processes, solutions, and technology that deliver flexible patient and site strategies across therapeutic areas globally

Part 2: Optimizing Patient Expectations in Clinical Trials: A “From the Field” Webinar

Event Overview:

The patient-centric revolution in clinical trials is here. Decentralized models, treatments that reflect the community of the patients impacted, and the need to further incorporate the patient voice have inspired new thinking in study design and delivery.

Join our panel of experts as they share case studies on how IQVIA has partnered with sponsors and sites to tackle recruitment and retention, leveraging innovative approaches that bring the patient voice to the trial, reduce the burden on sites and patients, and increase representative participation by expanding traditional site boundaries to deliver a more personalized trial experience.

Three Key Take-aways:

1. Learn the best ways to activate patient voice in clinical trials
2. Understand the advantages of an agile multi-pronged approach to outreach that eliminates participation barriers
3. Leverage data and technology throughout the clinical trial and apply the analytics to optimize your outcomes


Shana Hull
Director, Patient Recruitment Strategy

Jennifer Crowley
Associate Director, Patient Centric Solutions

Gail Long
Director, Head of Marketing Patient Recruitment and Enablement

Register Free: http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/act_w/clinical_trials_series

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