WCG Announces the Formation of WCG IRB and Launch of WCG IRB Connexus

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WCG has announced the unification of its five IRBs—Western IRB (WIRB), Copernicus Group IRB (CGIRB), Midlands IRB (MLIRB), New England IRB (NEIRB), and Aspire IRB—into the single WCG IRB brand. Since 2012, the organization has assembled and integrated an array of IRBs, now synthesized into a single IRB. WCG IRB clients will experience a singular, unified process and submission platform.

This transformation includes the launch of a new technology, WCG IRB Connexus, which supports their clients’ ethical review submissions and management.

“By deploying adaptive technology, the new WCG IRB Connexus supports our commitment to continuous improvement of our processes by raising the bar on transparency and compliance,” said David Forster, WCG’s Chief Compliance Officer. “And that’s our goal—to improve the submission process, eliminate and reduce errors."


Details of these changes are being announced this week through the WCG IRB website.

Read more in the full release, here.