Wingspan eTMF 2.1 Release Features Integrating Scanning Technology

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Wingspan Technology released eTMF 2.1 on August 29.

Wingspan Technology released eTMF 2.1 on August 29, featuring integrated scanning capabilities which eliminate the need for manual upload or indexing. The release builds upon eTMF 2.0, a major update released in April 2014 featuring a commercial-style user interface (UI) and user dashboards.

Wingspan eTMF 2.1 provides a streamlined process for high volume scanning of TMF documents by providing printable transmittals that are then attached to documents for scanning. The eTMF uses information from the transmittals to automatically attach metadata to the scanned documents. Once scanned, documents and metadata are released directly into a final Quality Control process in the eTMF, eliminating the need for manual upload or document indexing and metadata assignment. The eTMF scanning integration works with both Captiva InputAccel and Kofax scanning solutions. “Although organizations strive to create as many TMF documents as possible as electronic originals, scanned documents still account for 10 to 40 percent of eTMF content,” said Troy Deck, Wingspan CEO. “We have heard of clients incurring costs of up to six dollars per document in uploading and finalizingscanned content. Using our integration, that cost can be reduced to pennies.”


Wingspan eTMF 2.1 builds on Wingspan’s innovative eTMF 2.0 release. Designed to be more intuitive for end users, eTMF 2.0 features a commercial-style UI modelled on sites such as Amazon and eBay. The new UI allows users to locate documents quickly and minimizes training burden – especially important for health authority inspectors using the system hands-on. Personalized user dashboards provide unparalleled insight and transparency into status and health of ongoing trials and allow users to drill down into potential problem areas to learn more. eTMF 2.0 also includes unique features such as study lock and archive and TMF export.