Penelope K. Manasco, MD


What is the Right “EASY Button” Approach for Research Oversight and RBM?

May 17, 2019

CEO of MANA UBM, Penelope K. Manasco, explores the different approaches to determine what the right 'easy button' is to push to achieve effective clinical trial conduct and oversight.

Subject Profile Analyzing Risk Saves Time for Monitors

December 02, 2016

In a comparison study of source data review (SDV) methods, this new process demonstrates the value of using well-planned data visualization tools to provide better quality oversight versus remote eCRF review or onsite SDV.

A Plea to RBM Tech Vendors

May 17, 2016

A risk-based approach to quality trial oversight, adopted by the FDA and EMA, has resulted in an array of new technology solutions being released.