ZS Associates


Using Clinical Trial Sites' Input to Select the Right Capabilities when Decentralizing Clinical Trials

This paper analyses the responses from more than 800 US-based clinical trial sites to understand their decentralized clinical trial capabilities and perceptions

Arnab Roy


Adapting Site Selection for Clinical Trial Decentralization and the Future Landscape

Sites not expected to fade away even as DCTs continue to grow past COVID-19.

Robin Heiskell


How Clinical Trial Research Sites Can Gain Access to a More Level Playing Field

To overcome sponsor-related challenges and work to successfully secure more trials, there are tactical steps CROs can take.

Dassault Systems


Modernizing Data Management in the D-Clinical Age

***Live: December 9, 2020, at 11am EST| 8am PST| 4pm GMT| 5pm CET*** In this ‘D-Clinical Age’, leveraging modern technologies and new approaches and mind sets is required to accelerate the development of new treatments. This webinar will examine how data management can drive digital transformation with the right mix of technology, skills and process redesign.***On demand available after airing until Dec. 9, 2021.***

Olivier Chassany


Demystifying Submissions of eCOA Documentation for Ethics Review: Are We Making Submissions More Difficult than Necessary?

Examining how to optimizing the time and effort of Ethics Committees to efficiently and effectively fulfill their human subjects protection remit.

Mark Dudley, PhD


Designing Cell Therapies to Target Solid Tumors

A look at one company’s platform approach in enabling the engineering of T-cells to identify and destroy cancer.

Nicholas Saraceno


Datopotamab Deruxtecan Biologics License Application Accepted by FDA for NSCLC Based on Phase III Trial Data

Datopotamab deruxtecan, the first TROP2-directed DXd antibody drug conjugate, is being evaluated for locally advanced or metastatic nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer.

Karl Landert


Considerations for the Effective Rollout of DCTs at a Global Scale

For effective rollout on a global scale, sponsors must address and develop a plan around known challenges including recruitment, sit adoption, and technology integration.

Joseph Constance


Regulatory Data: How Technology Can Help ClinOps Survive

Clinical operations professionals, burdened by lack of data standardization, turn to technology in hopes of streamlining regulatory processes for the future.



Guide to Incorporating Modern Research Tools and Techniques

This piece offers a practical assessment of leveraging various decentralized methodologies and technologies.

Fan Gao, PhD, MS


Adapting Site Selection for Clinical Trial Decentralization and the Future Landscape

Sites not expected to fade away even as DCTs continue to grow past COVID-19.

Shivaji Bote


Establishing Metrics and Standardization for Non-CRF Data in EDC

While Case Report Forms are a main contributor to collected data, non-CRF data such as core laboratory data and central imaging can be critical to any clinical study.

Karen Maduschke


Advancing ICU Care with eConsent

Complicated process of consenting ICU patients can be simplified with a well-designed eConsent platform.

Rob Verheul


Is Trust the Secret Ingredient for Digital Product Success?

To rebuild trust, companies should focus on transparent, neutral content incorporating medical expertise and regularly seeking HCP feedback.

Christopher Varner


Virtual Trials Save the Day

Virtual trials tools are usually selected early in the protocol development stage, however, due to the COVID-19 crisis, regulators are encouraging sponsors to consider integrating virtual elements into clinical trials already in progress.

Research Professionals Ltd


De-risking DCTs with Quality Systems

Webinar Date/Time: Wed, Nov 30, 2022 10:00 AM EST

Faith Holmes, MD


Steps Toward Diversity in Clinical Trials: Building Authentic Trust

Building authentic trust lays at the heart of creating more patient-centric trials.

Jennifer Krohn


Harnessing the Power of Scientific Surveillance

Statistical methods used via this technique in centralized monitoring.

Miranda K. Brainard; Carrie Smith, RN; Nashat Gabrail, MD


A Cross-Sectional Study of Patient Perspectives on Clinical Trial Participation in a Large Community-Based Research Facility

An overview of patient perceptions of cancer clinical trials and the consent process among those who are currently enrolled in, or who recently completed, a cancer clinical trial.

Katrien Lemmens


Impact of COVID-19 on Phase I Clinical Activities

Life sciences companies challenged by need to minimize health risks without sacrificing data quality during pandemic.

Leandra Plappert


COVID-19 Will Have a Heterogeneous Impact on Clinical Trials, Biopharmas

A discussion of how the coronavirus pandemic will have a multitude of impacts on the conduct of trials, as well as on the industry itself.



Remembering That TIME Magazine Issue; Celebrating Progress in Patient Engagement

Looking to the past reminds industry of great strides taken in clinical research for patients.



Unlocking Oncology Insights - Innovations in Evidence Generation With RWE Solutions

The rapid evolvement of precision oncology requires real-world data generated at a scale that unlocks insights that can not be provided from clinical trial evidence. Machine learning and large language models can be used to quickly identify information, supporting custom integrated real-world evidence solutions to make informed decisions.

David Gustafsson


eSource Interoperability Between EHR and EDC

Evidence from a Phase III cancer trial points to notable advances in data-transfer tech.

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